Transparent and Detailed

We aim to fully inform all of our (potential) unitholders, offering transparency and detailed information regarding CATF, the risks, and the organization. In this section we enumerate the different (general) fees and expenses that shall be payable out of CATF’s assets. We kindly invite you to download and read our Information Memorandum for full and more detailed information or tocontact us for extended information.

Operational Expenses (Section 6 of the Prospectus)

These include (among others): Fees payable to the management company and expenses incurred by the custodian, the administrative agent, the distributors, all taxes which may be due on the assets and the income of the costs and expenses of the preparation and printing of written confirmations of units, and any other costs and expenses in relation to the tasks and activities required to operate CATF.

Formation and launching expenses of CATF

Expenses incurred in connection with the incorporation of CATF, including those incurred in the preparation and publication of the Information Memorandum, as well as the taxes, duties and any other publication expenses.

Fees of the management company

Unless otherwise specified in the Information Memorandum, the management company is entitled to a management fee out of the net assets of CATF payable at the end of each quarter.

Fees of the custodian

The custodian is entitled to receive, out of CATF’s assets, fees and commissions in accordance with the custodian agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, this fee is not included in the management fee.

Fees of the administrative agent

The administrative agent, in consideration for its services as administrative agent, registrar and transfer agent and domiciliary agent of CATF is entitled to an administration fee out of the Assets of CATF accrued monthly and payable quarterly in arrears at the end of each calendar quarter.

Performance fee

The investment advisor may be entitled to a performance fee in relation to CATF and is described in Section 6.5 of the Information Memorandum.