Redemption 2014

All CATF unit holders who requested for redemption this year (2014) have been notified by BAUM Management. We are pleased to announce that all correctly submitted requests for redemption this year (2014) have been honored by Atlantic Fund Services (AFS). Yesterday BAUM has sent a personal letter about your redemption request per post.

New Prospectus

The new Prospectus has been posted online in the investor login best price levitra. Please log in to view the document.

SAC Election

On the 1st of March the SAC has defined the electoral procedures, the schedule, and the candidate profile for the position of the SAC member to be elected. The profile of the candidate and the procedures have been uploaded to the investor login at the SAC Election. The voting module will be accessible via the investor … Continued

CATF NAV Newsflash and Unit holder Statements 2013

Last week all unit holders received a Newsflash regarding the valuation of the fund. As communicated earlier, the Newsflash contains possible questions and answers to the valuation process and analysis of CATF. Additional information can be found in the News Archive section behind the Investor Login. Our unit holders have also been informed on the … Continued