Unit Holders Event 2016

Bas Dijkman, CEO BAUM Management S.à r.l. invites customers of Central American Timber Fund to the Unit Holders Event 2016 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Please log in to register.

Provisional Annual Report 2015 (NL)

Gisteren zijn tijdens de SAC-vergadering de voorlopige jaarcijfers 2015 van CATF gepresenteerd en wij menen dat een tussenbericht nu op zijn plaats is. EY (voorheen Ernst & Young) moet de 2015 cijfers nog wel formeel vaststellen en van een handtekening voorzien. De voorlopige NAV per unit zal naar verwachting uitkomen op US$10.68 bij een fondsvermogen … Continued

Settlement between CATF and Terra Vitalis

The various disputes between CATF, the former board of Stichting Terra Vitalis and Alfheim & Co. (the former investment advisor to CATF) that had arisen in 2012 and that have been mentioned in various newsletters to investors in CATF, have been settled in a satisfactory way for all parties involved. As part of their settlement … Continued

New Custodian

As of July 1, 2015, the new depositary of the Fund is: Banque de Patrimoines Privés S.A. 30, Boulevard Royal L-2449 Luxembourg Grand Duchy of Luxembourg Phone: 00 352 27 207 1 Website:<a href="http://www.banquedepatrimoinesprives buy levitra vardenafil.com” target=”_blank”>www.banquedepatrimoinesprives.com If you have any questions about the content of this communication, please contact us at: info@baummanagement.lu.

Power Outage

Due to a major power outage, the Öko-Life office is unreachable. At the moment the Öko-Life office is unreachable by phone due to a power outage that affects large parts of the Netherlands. Once power has been restored, normal opening hours will apply again.

CATF Investor Day

The CATF investors day: CATF unit holders were received and informed by Baum Management on Saturday november 15th. Bas Dijkman (CEO BAUM Management) updated the unit holders on the current status of the fund, the landmarks reached last year and the plans for next year. To complete his story, Gijsbert van der Woude updated the unit holders on … Continued

Redemption 2014

All CATF unit holders who requested for redemption this year (2014) have been notified by BAUM Management. We are pleased to announce that all correctly submitted requests for redemption this year (2014) have been honored by Atlantic Fund Services (AFS). Yesterday BAUM has sent a personal letter about your redemption request per post.

CATF Investors’ Day 2014

Your registration is required to attend For the second time in the history of the fund, BAUM Management and the Supervisory & Audit Committee (SAC) are organizing an Investors’ Day on the 15th of november. During this day our unitholders are informed on the developments of CATF and BAUM in a number of presentations. The … Continued

CATF NAV June, 2014 increased 11.05%

The NAV of June, 2014 is US$10.109952 This is an increase of 11.05% compared to 2013 More Info. The total gros value of the teak assets respresented an increase from US$345,437,233 in 2013 to US$396,982,039. The net assets increased from US$174,335,233 in 2013 to US$193,590,444 in 2014. Accordingly, the unitholder statements will soon be made … Continued