The elections for the two new SAC members are behind. This year, there were two new positions for the SAC. CATF’s unitholders were again very involved in the SAC election this year, the turnout was higher than previous years! The SAC thanks you for your involvement with CATF. The unitholders have chosen the following SAC candidates:

  1. Peter Wortel (1,625,861,961 votes)
  2. Siebren van Tuinen (1,332,331,575 votes)

We wish Peter Wortel and Siebren van Tuinen good luck with their new position in the SAC. We thank Karien Verhagen and Wil Fabrie for their candidacy. Soon – during the SAC meeting on 6 June – Peter Wortel and Siebren van Tuinen will be installed as new members.


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