Can you tell us something about your background?


I am lecturer business economics at Helicon Opleidingen

In addition I am chairman of the central works council of Helicon Opleidingen. This organization staffs more than 800 employees and almost 10 000 students.


Who is Cor van Erp?

Gentle, tidy and autonomous.

I am socially committed and involved person. How is this reflected? In my choice for the vulnerable in society. People who find it difficult to speak up for themselves need help and support. I want to provide this support. I am member of the Socialist Party (SP) and local councilor for this party in Bernheze.

To safeguard the interests of the unit holders of CATF adequately in 2011 I set up PUC (platform unit holders CATF). By now PUC has almost 150 members. As chairman, me and my four fellow board members, have engaged in firm consultations with the management of BAUM S.à r.l. Luxemburg at the Hilversum office on the Witte Kruislaan.

My social involvement is reflected also by my chairmanship of the local handball club. In addition I am a big driver of various initiatives in our local cultural center (local carnival, political café BRUG. POPkwis and the Hisse Top100).


Why do you run for election for the SAC?

I am a unit holder for more than 6300 units.

SAC is an important body in the representation of interests of the unit holders. SAC can communicate clearly and transparently to the unit holders, among others about recent developments in forestry in Costa Rica. Good communication are a key objective for me.