Update Dissolution Fund

We have no new information at hand to share on the status of the process of the appointment by the court.

For general information about the process, the status and what to do, the page “Dissolution Fund” has been created on the basis of incoming questions and telephone interaction. It will be frequently updated. the last update is of August 27th, 2020.

If you have a specific enquiery, please send it to info@catf.lu. The service providers cannot answer your specific questions.

One can access the personal page behind the login via the combination of once entity code and the e-mail address known on the catf portal. If your password does not function or has been lost , you will receive a new password via the link: https://www.catf.lu/forgot-your-password/.


Holiday closing  2020
Click here for the closing schedule 2020. When the office is closed, one can reach out by email at info@catf.lu, however a follow-up to your message will be on the next workingday following the absence. 

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