BAUM Management
Institutional Investment Offerings

BAUM Management is the sustainable investment management division of the GFH Group, specialized in sustainable tropical forestry investments. BAUM Management offers institutional investors the opportunity to:

  • Invest in an existing well-regulated forestry fund – see details (PDF)
  • Invest directly in (sustainable) teak plantations in Latin America
  • Invest in teak plantations via (Green) bonds

Reasons to work with BAUM Management

  • Forestry experts with over 20 years of expertise in forestry management
  • At the forefront of plantation management developments such as sprouting techniques, inventory methodologies and GIS-mapping stratification
  • With over 150 employees in Europe and Latin America, ready to anticipate opportunities
  • Dedicated to structure bespoke forestry investments with in-house financial, legal and marketing specialists of the GFH Group
  • Proven track record with management of the Central American Timber Fund

Timber Investments

  • Have a low correlation to traditional asset-classes
  • Generally preserve capital investments and have a limited downside loss
  • Show a high correlation with inflation
  • Can offer a strong risk-return trade-off when managed efficiently

Sustainable Teak Management

  • Teak is the common name for tropical hardwood tree species Tectona grandis
  • Teak is a high-yielding, fast growing tree species
  • Teak is the gold standard for decease resistance
  • Teak is fire resistant due to thick bark
  • Teak is one of the most valuable hardwoods and mostly used for high-end products
  • Teak wood is durable even when not treated with oil or varnish, it contains a natural oil which makes the wood resistant to rotting
  • Teak has high carbon sequestration
  • Teak demand outstrips supply

About BAUM Management

BAUM Management is a Luxembourg based management company seeking investments in sustainable and green business. The company was founded in 2011 with the establishment of the Central American Timber Fund FCP – SIF (CATF). Since 2011 the company has invested in teak plantation management expertise and established a strong local presence in Latin America. Nowadays the company is at the forefront of tropical forestry developments and has over USD 190 MM under management. Mid 2015 this amount is expected to grow to USD 500-600 MM.

BAUM’s view on forestry management

  • Focus on long-term return on investments for clients, while maintaining environmental, social and economical sustainability
  • Adherence to forestry standards such as the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) or Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
  • Ongoing optimization of forestry management techniques, scalability and efficiency enhancements
  • Establishment of in-house expertise and control over the forestry value chain


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